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Airplane Mode – Now Off

Have you been told to switch your portable electronic device onboard of an airplane, even though it’s in airplane mode? Many times, perhaps.

Onboard an airplane

You should know, however, that this should no longer be the case, at least as long as your airline company has adopted the recent changes in regulations. While travelling in Europe, you can use your portable electronic devices throughout the flight – take-off, flight, and touch-down.

As of late 2014, the European Aviation Safety Agency says that you no longer need to switch your PED in Airplace mode, where a portable device means anything from a smartphone to a tablet, from a laptop to a kindle. Of course, the instructions from the crew are the most important, and if the crew instructs passengers to switch their devices off for any reason during the flight, these should be followed stricktly.

Many airline companies have already updated their operational rules taking into account the new regulations and allowing passengers to use their mobile devices for communication during the flight. Others are going through an assessment period, after which they will decide whether or not to introduce the new measures. After all, safety comes first!

How about you? Do you use electronic devices onboard of an aircraft or prefer to read a book, thumb through the magazines, chat to the people sitting next to you?


The Perfect Plane Outfit

Pleasure or a challenge? What is travelling by plane for you? For many people it’s a promise for an adventure, but for some, it is a serious trial. For yet others, flights are routine. They know what’s the best travel outfit for long-haul and short-distance flights is. Here are some good pieces of advice to keep in mind when you open your wardrobe before departure.


Belts, jewellery, watches, cuffs, metal elements on your clothes and the likes will make the scanner go “beeeep”. In fact, even if we know this rule very well, we often neglect it or forget about it, when we look for the most comfortable plane attire. For example, we usually travel wearing jeans or skirts, and such garments by rule take a belt. So, make sure you have a belt with a plastic or wooden buckle, which won’t create any trouble at the security check.

Tight clothes

I’ve always marvelled at fine ladies who choose short skirts and tight shirts for their trip. While this will give you a tempting outlook, tight clothes can be pretty uncomfortable. Think about the overhead compartment and your short skirt going up with every attempt to put your bags there, or with every step you take… Well, this might call for help. But picture a situation where there are no gentlemen around and the eyes of grumpy old ladies are all on you! Besides, loose-fitting tops and trousers won’t restrict blood flow and will make you feel more comfortable during the flight.

Reasonable shoes
Yes, high heels are attractive… when you’re in a night club, perhaps. But it’s a different matter when you fly. Even if we forget about the fact that you might get foot pain or (heaven forbid!) a sprained ankle, remember about the restrictions at airports – they will make you take your shoes off and walk barefoot through the scanner. The best choice is either hiking shoes (which will otherwise take up a sizeable space in your suitcase) or loafers (slippers, moccasins, Venetian loafers, espadrilles or other type of laceless shoes), which are easy to take on and off during the flight. Foldable shoes are yet another smart idea.

Stay-warm accessories
If you are not a fan of air-conditioners or cold, make sure you have a warm garment on you. While a hat of a fur stole might not be necessary, a knit scarf, a vest, a cardigan or a pair of warm socks are among the top in-flight accoutrements to keep you warm and cozy when the air-conditioner is on full blast.

Cotton lingerie and underwear
As flights usually take a lot of time starting with the early arrival at the airport to the passport control at your destination, wearing cotton underwear is very important for your overall comfort. Lingerie made of synthetic fabrics reduces absorption of moisture and might cause issues such as skin problems. Mind you, if you are travelling to Russia and run out of underwear, you won’t be able to buy lacy underwear as it was banned from the market.

Perfume and eau-de-toilette
It’s crucial that you get acquainted with the latest restrictions at airports affecting lotions, perfumes and other liquids. Apart from these restrictions, try to avoid strong odours before boarding. While they might smell nice to you, other passengers might find them unpleasant. Not to mention the fact that some people have asthma and allergies to perfumes. Also, do have in mind that strong scents get extremely pungent in confined spaces, where people sit close together, sometimes even crammed.

Any more ideas for the perfect plane apparel? Share them with us.


A Flight of Fancy: Curious Facts About Flying by Plane

Travelling Plane

“Window or Isle?” This is the most common phrase you here upon check-in. Oh yes, if you are an experienced traveller, you might think to ask for specific area on the plane – close to the doors, to the toilet, at the front or at the rear. But this is pretty much what you can choose from when you depart. But there are much more curious facts about flying that we want to share with you.

Skyscanner asks a curious question: “Who you don’t want to sit next to?” As many as 35% of holidaymakers say that the most unpleasant situation is to sit next to a person with unpleasant body odor. Obese trippers are a “no-thanks!” for a fifth of frequent passengers, while babies come next.

Another survey, looking to find the sexiest pronunciation you can hear during a flight, states that French is the sexiest of all, followed by Gaelic, Italian, English and Russian. Wonder which the least sexy are? Well, if you speak in Greek, Portuguese or Indonesian, you might want to keep silent…

The rudest tourists are believed to be the English. They are considered unpleasant travellers because of their traditional lack of interest in local cuisine and beverages, and a very weak desire to explore the local traditions or learn some survival phrases in the local language. Among the most preferred tourists are Norwegians, the Japanese, Australians and the Swedish.

The biggest tips come from Americans…

As many as 4% of wanderers have deliberately attempted to go through the control check with liquids exceeding 100 ml.

Photos of friends on Facebook is still No. 1 trusted source for information about vacation destinations.

Contrary to the common belief that the web limits our offline communication, as many as 45% say that they travel more thanks to the opportunities web platforms such as Couchsurfing.

Finally, when you travel by plane chances are that someone might try to hit on you. As many as half of explorers say that they flirt during flights, and some 10% of voyagers state that they have started a long relationship with a person they’ve met in the skies. Specialists claim that such decisions are often based on alcohol, height as well as the carefree mood taking hold of us in expectation of a vacation.

No surprise – a whopping 95% of globetrotters want to mark their name in the informal Mile High Club of those who have had sex onboard of a plane.