First Time To India? Know What You Don’t

The first advice you’ll get when you say I am travelling to India is oh be ready to expect the unexpected, or you’ll lose yourself to India. Well, let us clear one thing that no matter how cliché they may sound, these advisers are not baseless. There will be chaos and beauty but most of all there will be a crowd. And this crowd ensures that whatever you are expecting, you must not be right. So, when you feel clueless about what’s coming next tell yourself welcome to India!

The Reality Is Different

It is one thing to read about the Indian culture in books or watching those lit Bollywood numbers on screens, and it is entirely another thing to experience the country personally. Let’s take Taj Mahal as an example, no matter how many times you’ve seen Taj in pictures nothing can make you ready to stand in front of this beauty. Rising from the misty river banks, the glistening white marvel will take the breath away with its first look.

Life Lesson The Country Teaches

The overly populated country will teach you one thing about life; patience. Remember as soon as you step a foot on the land of spices, and dusky beauty stares will welcome you. Yes! You read it right, staring is not considered rude in this part of the world. Your patience will be tested with many transactions when you’ll realise that you have been ripped off. Manage to keep your cool and adapt the go with the flow attitude for the peaceful trip.

Get, Set, And Dirty

Be ready for dirt, pollution, and garbage heaps. After a day or two, you’ll be accustomed to piles of garbage at the roadsides and cows happily eating plastic and roaming the streets. Cows are considered sacred in India so, there are plenty of them even in the big cities. You will definitely see people throwing trash on the railway line and literally wherever they like. It would be easy to blame them as the culprits but in reality, the waste infrastructure is weak, and lack of education as to what to do with all the trash are the main problems.

The Other Side

India is not only cloth clad women and half-naked men. Goa is one of the best hippies’ destinations around the world. The rich heritage, tropical climate, multi-cultural cuisines, and friendly people are the essence of this place. The good thing is it is the tourist attraction, many budget-friendly flights options like mercury holidays discount codes are available to reach there.

Train Is A Must
If you are willing to experience the real spirit of India, take a train. 90% of the Indian population takes trains to travel from place to place. Indian Express claimed that Indian railways are the largest employers around the world so; you can imagine the massive infrastructure it has. Trains are generally comfortable and safe means of transport in India if they are on time. Indians never measure the lateness of trains by hours; they measure it by quarter, half, or full day.

Language Is No Issue
You’ll be astonished to witness that most people in urban India are quite familiar with English and claim it as their first language. According to BBC India, India is the world’s second largest English speaking country. Those who are not good at speaking the language will understand what you are saying. Poverty is evident, but the literacy rate is also good. However, in rural areas the story is different.

Last Words
This is a guide which will prepare you for your first ever trip to one of the most exotic places in the universe. You’ll fell in love with this country and its people. Also, don’t forget when in India that this is a country of some amazing minds because Indians take it personally when called naïve and innocent despite your good intentions.