6 Things to Consider When Travelling to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is becoming one of the top visited destinations among travellers. This country brings in millions of visitors that are Muslim annually due to religious reasons. If you are planning a holiday to Saudi Arabia, there are some important aspects that should be considered before you go.

Modesty is a Must

It is crucial that you practice modesty when you are visiting Saudi Arabia. Females should especially take this to heart. Women should dress appropriately. They should wear an abaya while they are in public. The abaya is a full-length garment that will go over the outfit, which should also in itself be extremely modest. While this headscarf is not strongly required, if you wear one you will show a higher respect for the locals and their cultures. You will also be at less risk for confrontational issues.

Travellers of the male persuasion should wear trousers that are full length. All of the shirts should include sleeves, all though men are able to wear sleeves that are short. Even though it is crucial for women to dress appropriately, it is just as important for men to observe the local wear for them as well.

Respect and Understand the Local Customs

It may be different or even strange to foreigners, but there are many restrictions that are put upon women. They are not able to travel without the company of a male. It is advisable for those that visit to travel with a partner or a friend. Women are not allowed to drive. Women and men are kept apart in many different social situations, and the women are not permitted to go into different establishments. You will need to prepare for these different restrictions before you travel to Saudi Arabia.

When you are visiting using your Saudi Arabia evisa, it is important to understand that there are different entrances for women and men. There are locations like the amusement parks and the beaches that will have different hours for women and men, this means you need to plan ahead.

Understand and Respect the Restrictions on Photography

You will encounter different restrictions on locations in which you are able or not able to photograph in Saudi Arabia. Some places that you are not allowed to use a camera include; airports, government buildings, palaces, and military installations. You are also not allowed to take pictures of Muslim women.

Ensure that You Use Manners

It is appropriate when you encounter someone to shake their hand, along with using it to say farewell. Europeans kiss when they greet, this is not appropriate in Saudi Arabia. Saudis do stand close to each other while they are speaking, in particular when they are of the same gender. Do not back away from them while they are speaking to you or they will think of it as an insult.

Pay Attention How You Interact with Your Friends

It is very important to understand that Saudis do not hold each other’s hands. Nor do they link their arms or take part in any public display of affection. You will need to maintain distance, even if you are be traveling with your husband or wife. Homosexual relationships are a forbidden thing in this country, so take special care.

Watch the Weather

There may be heavy rain and flooding. It is more likely during the months between November and February. If you plan to go during this time span, make sure to watch the weather very closely while on your holiday.

To sum it up, make sure that you do your research on Saudi Arabia before you visit. The culture is definitely different than any other culture and should be respected. Plan out your traveling fun by looking up and researching the places that you would like to see while you are there.