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Airplane Mode – Now Off

Have you been told to switch your portable electronic device onboard of an airplane, even though it’s in airplane mode? Many times, perhaps.

Onboard an airplane

You should know, however, that this should no longer be the case, at least as long as your airline company has adopted the recent changes in regulations. While travelling in Europe, you can use your portable electronic devices throughout the flight – take-off, flight, and touch-down.

As of late 2014, the European Aviation Safety Agency says that you no longer need to switch your PED in Airplace mode, where a portable device means anything from a smartphone to a tablet, from a laptop to a kindle. Of course, the instructions from the crew are the most important, and if the crew instructs passengers to switch their devices off for any reason during the flight, these should be followed stricktly.

Many airline companies have already updated their operational rules taking into account the new regulations and allowing passengers to use their mobile devices for communication during the flight. Others are going through an assessment period, after which they will decide whether or not to introduce the new measures. After all, safety comes first!

How about you? Do you use electronic devices onboard of an aircraft or prefer to read a book, thumb through the magazines, chat to the people sitting next to you?